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Why buying a property between autumn's public holidays makes sense

March 18, 2024

This autumn, the real estate market in New Zealand presents a unique window of opportunity for homebuyers. 

With Easter falling in late March and ANZAC Day in April, the period between these two important holidays offers a prime opportunity for those seeking to buy a property before the arrival of winter. 

According to real estate expert Keith Niederer, Network Manager NZ at Raine & Horne, the gap between Easter and ANZAC Day this year creates a favourable environment for homebuyers looking to secure a suitable property. 

"The timing of the holidays coincides with an increase in listings on the market," Keith noted. "Homeowners are opting to sell buoyed by the improved property returns since September, with values up almost 3%." 

“The increase in the number of New Zealand properties for sale provides buyers with a wider selection to choose from, making it ideal, especially for first-time buyers or families looking to upgrade to their next home.”

Keith added that despite the rise in listings, home prices are expected to continue along their merry way. “The persistent presence of enthusiastic buyers underpins prices, ensuring the market remains competitive.”

However, preparation is critical for buyers navigating the autumn markets. Keith explained, “Despite the broader selection of options for sale, it is crucial buyers don’t lose sight of their priorities. Creating a list of must-have features alongside desirable but non-essential ones can help you stay focused during property inspections. 

“Whether it’s a specific aspect, block size, or parking requirements, having clear criteria will streamline your decision-making process.”

Moreover, being prepared to act swiftly is essential in a dynamic market. For example, obtaining a home loan preapproval from a lender enables a buyer to establish a budget. “Having a loan preapproved empowers a buyer to make offers confidently and expediently,” noted Keith.  

“A loan preapproval also puts you ahead of the buying competition and increases your chances of securing your desired property.”

Whether you want to sell or buy a property this autumn, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Raine & Horne office.